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How to start raising chickens in your own backyard?

Grab this e-book to find out how you can start raising chickens in your own backyard in a matter of days. Learn how to set realistic expectations and plan ahead with our top tips and strategies!

A quick guide for

GOOD for starters

Find out how you can start raising chickens in your own backyard in a matter of days!


Learn how to set realistic expectations and plan ahead with our top tips and strategies!

flock continuity

Discover everything you need to know about the importance of maintaining flock continuity, maintaining a mild setting and much more!

reduce costs

Find out how to manage waste properly and easily reduce your food costs!

“I liked Backyard chickens, it was a very good and interesting read.”

– James Corwill

“Great for people who are – including myself – new to chicken keeping. I already have 5 chickens.”

– Christina S.

“I’m a rookie in the “backyard chicken” field and this ebook gave good information to get started.”

– Joe S. Hill

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What are The Best Breeds For Your Backyard Chicken Farm?

Most homeowners in your region have already narrowed the list down to a few select breeds.

Free Range vs. Free Run

Nobody likes to be cramped, animals included. Providing a living space for your backyard chickens that is considered Free-Range, meaning each bird has at least one square meter of outdoor space, will enliven each chicken’s ability to pursue their natural behaviors.

how to Maintain a Flock’s Continuity

Before beginning your backyard conversion, consider that chickens are highly sociable creatures and associate together as a single flock.

how to Manage Waste Properly

Between eight and eleven pounds of manure is produced each month by most breeds.

How To Make Money With Chickens

There are numerous ways to turn a profit with even the most humble backyard poultry farm.

HOW To pick The Right Chicken Feed

As omnivores, chicken diets consist of both plant and animal based foods. When choosing the right feed for your backyard flock, there are several aspects to consider.
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Can Chickens Eat Oranges?

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How do I get my e-book?

Just fill out the form, and you will be provided with the dowload link.

Is this e-book for beginners only?
Yes, it is great for beginners, but not recommended for established chicken farmers.
It this in PDF?

E-book is in PDF format, 54 pages. If you don’t have a pdf reader installed, get Adobe Reader here.